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  KOE  神戶大阪空手道(英国)

Kobe Osaka England (KOE) has its roots in the 1980ís when, in itís infancy and not known as KOE, it was a member of the International Sankukai-Ryu Karate-Do Federation (ISKF). The style of karate practised at this time was Sankukai under its then Chief Instructor Shihan Barry Stranack.


Shihan Barry Stranack was a South African who was training to become a chiropractor at a college in Bournemouth, England. He set up his karate organisation to help fund his chiropractic training in the United Kingdom.

  It was during this time that, whilst working in a leisure centre in Glasgow, Scotland, he met and took the opportunity to train and spar with Shihan Tommy Morris, Chief Instructor of Kobe Osaka International (KOI). This meeting and training impressed him so much that when he had completed his chiropractic training and was due to return to South Africa, he recommended contacting Shihan Tommy Morris to request joining Kobe Osaka International.  
  In 1991 the Kobe Osaka England Karate Association was granted membership to Kobe Osaka International and is today a full member of this most prestigious karate organisation, practising the Shito-Ryu/Shukokai styles of karate.  
  It is of some interest that the majority of senior instructors in Kobe Osaka England today were members of the original organisation back in the 1980ís.  



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