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  KOI  神戶大阪空手道连盟

Kobe Osaka International is a non-political organisation. Its objects, among others, is to spread the practice and enjoyment of karate-do through international co-operation and friendship amongst people regardless of race or creed, by means of international seminars, training camps, and competitions.



  • To help its membership enjoy quality of life through the practice of karate-do. 

  • To improve the standards of all its members by effective coaching. 

  • To award internationally respected Dan grades, Refereeing qualifications, and Coaching certificates. 

  • To do all such other things as are incidental to the furtherance of the objects of Kobe Osaka International.



Kobe Osaka International was founded as a Shitoryu/Shukokai organisation. However due to wide spread interest, membership is now available to all authentic schools of karate-do and we now have affiliated members from all four major styles within our ranks.

  Shihan Tommy Morris

Tommy Morris holds the rank of 8th Dan awarded by the World Karate Federation and is one of the world's foremost professional coaches. He is the the Sports Commissioner and Chairman of the Referee Council of the World Karate Federation which has more than 170 countries in membership. For twenty-five years he ran a full-time karate club and health club in Glasgow with a number of satellite dojos throughout Scotland. Since 1965 he has trained over 75,000 people in his system. His name appeared in the Guinness Book of Records.


He was the first Scottish National Coach, and for many years Kobe Osaka students were the mainstay of the Scottish and British teams. Kobe Osaka students have won numerous Scottish, British, European, and World titles. Danny Bryceland, Myles and Iain Burke, Robin MacFarlane, David Coulter and Pat MacKay being some of the best known of the many top notch competitors who went through the Kobe Osaka dojos. The latest in a long line of successes is his son Steven. In thirty-five major tournaments, Steven has taken thirty-one kata medals, including 5 European Championships medals, and a World Cup Bronze. He also placed 5th twice in the World Championships. He has won the British Championships, an unprecedented 11 times in succession.


Although Tommy Morris has achieved major successes in the training of champions, he is also well known as an instructor of effective and practical self-defence measures, both armed and unarmed, and has specialised in "Counter Measures", which taught police, military personnel, business executives, and ordinary people how to defend themselves against all kinds of attack. He still teaches tactical firearms use for people at risk and Special Forces personnel.

  He founded Kobe Osaka International in 1991 and which now has associated partners in 35 countries world-wide.  


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