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  Oakwood Dojo
  Oakwood Karate Club  
  Address: Oakwood School  
    Balcombe Road  
    RH6 9AE  
  Training Time: Monday 7:30pm - 8:30pm    
    (except Bank Holiday)    
  Trevor Edge Tel: 07952833408  
  e-mail: TrevorEdge@Hotmail.co.uk click on the map for more detail  


  Trevor Edge is our club coach for the competitions and commits a lot of time to this; he has also spent many years as the chief coach for Kobe Osaka England along with running other clubs within the association.  

We work fully in conjunction with the other clubs within our association and between us regularly arrange courses and competitions.  Our high grades also travel to Scotland regularly to train with our chief instructor Sensei Tommy Morris (8th Dan) whose expertise and experience are second to none.                


  Over the years we have had a combined club for both juniors and seniors and attended many courses and competitions.  Our members particularly enjoy the Kobe Osaka International competitions; Ian has entered international competitions in England, Scotland, Croatia, Greece and Germany.  Trevor has in addition entered the international courses/competitions in Malaysia and Russia.  
  Currently the majority of our members are seniors (14+).  This is mainly to do with the training times along with our style of training which tends to focus on high grades and competition training; however we are now starting to see new members with no experience joining in. As most of our members are capable of teaching, between them they have a huge range of skills and abilities and are very keen and willing to share these skills, indeed many new students find the one to one training very beneficial, as a result the new students receive a huge amount of support and in turn this helps our students to hone their teaching skills.  
  All of our instructors are CRB checked and fully licensed by Kobe Osaka International; in addition all of our members are fully insured.  
  We encourage parents to stay and watch (or preferably to join in); there is no need to make an appointment please just come along.  However if you would like to chat to an instructor please call Sensei Trevor Edge on 07952833408.  
  Sensei Trevor Edge (Yon Dan)  


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